Learning Abacus

AbacusLearning math fundamentals and mastering them is the foundation for success in school and in life. Soroban, a Japanese abacus, is an invaluable visual aid in understanding and learning math.

Life is not as simple as it was pre-computer age. Children are living in a challenging world. Every child needs to be equipped with knowledge to face these challenges.

Why use Soroban?

AbacusSoroban fits perfectly with the base 10 number system used at present. Soroban has one heaven bead (value 5) and four earth beads (value 1 each). Students will be taught techniques to use soroban to calculate addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems. As they learn, students will be taught “anzan” or mind math calculations. Logic and calculation are left brain functions and visualizing is a right brain function. Thus, by learning to use soroban children are able to stimulate their entire brain while perfecting their mind math skills.