Junior Program

    "I hear and I forget.I see and I remember.
     I do and I understand"-Chinese Proverb.

We do not believe in rote memorization or infinite repetition of facts that culminates in frustrating children. Concepts are introduced systematically and work is progressively challenging so children never get bored. A friendly competition with parents and older siblings now and then also boosts our students' confidence and interest.


DescriptionJUNIOR PROGRAM: Level-1, Level-2, Level-3
PrerequisiteMust know to read and write 2 digit numbers
Must know to identify place values of 2 digit numbers (units place and tens place)
DurationAbout 5 months per level
Level 1Addition and subtraction up to 2 digit numbers on abacus
Level 2Addition and subtraction up to 3 digit numbers on abacus
Level 3Addition and subtraction up to 3 digit numbers on abacus Multiplication introduced
Class DetailsOnce a week for one hour and thirty minutes
Homework15 to 20 minutes per day for 6 days a week
Class TimingPlease call for information
Class Strength5 to 8 students per teacher
  • Increases thinking and reasoning skills
  • Greatly enhances analytical skill
  • Establishes excellent comprehension of addition and subtraction facts
  • Boosts love for math because of elevated confidence in self
RecognitionCertificate issued after successful completion of each level

Class work includes:

  • Working on abacus
  • Practicing anzan (mind math)
  • Dictation

Homework per day:

  • 20 PROBLEMS; with abacus
  • 10 PROBLEMS; in anzan
  • 10 PROBLEMS; in dictation