Theory and Benefits of Soroban  

Working on abacus

  Working on an abacus = SEEING + DOING 

Young children are visual and manipulative or kinesthetic, learners. When children work on the soroban abacus by manipulating beads, they 'see' how the numbers work in the form of beads. This is a boon for the kinesthetic learner. They, and students of all learning styles, get a concrete picture of numbers. Numbers are not an abstract value anymore. They have real quantity and quality to them. When they manipulate the beads on the abacus to add and subtract they see what they are doing (adding, subtracting).

The understanding of number value and relation by seeing and doing on an abacus cannot be replaced by the traditional paper and pencil method of calculation. Rather, it complements and supplements school curriculum and helps children understand school work much better. This in turn will boost their confidence at school.